Unique Advantage is committed to achieving innovative and sustainable growth for our clients. Our focus is on accelerating performance, through our unique blend of consulting, coaching and training services. Unique Advantage collaborates with clients to identify growth opportunities, define strategies to accelerate performance, assist in implementing the growth initiatives and ensure that ongoing benefits are realized.

Unique Advantage’s approach promotes a high-performance culture, empowering people to deliver ongoing performance upliftment and accelerated growth.

Whilst defining new visions and strategies is critical for success, the ability to implement the roadmaps efficiently and effectively is essential. Unique Advantage works alongside our clients to ensure that the required skills, systems and processes are successfully embedded, to achieve the goals and benefits.

Unique Advantage’s extensive experience in strategic business planning, revenue and sales, project management, information technology and education and training, provide unique insights to accelerate performance and profit.

Specialist areas include:

  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Business Plans
  • Data Analytics and Big Data
  • Education and Training

Let us help you define your Unique Advantage and amplify it into a winning strategy.