About Us



Unique Advantage was formed, in October 2013, by Sandi Macfie whose vision is of an organization that builds sustainable business advantage for its customers.

Unique Advantage is based in Johannesburg in South Africa.

Our interactions with clients take place through assignments that employ a simple, but powerful, process. This process can be summarized in just five words:


This means that we always strive to generate forward movement to the benefit of our clients.

In short the process steps are:


Every assignment must have a clearly articulated set of goals that must be achieved to successfully deliver the desired business purpose of the engagement. These goals define the scope of the assignment and provide context for the next step in the process.


Analysis focuses on what has to be done to achieve the stated goals. This is not just a study of existing business processes and the information arising from them. Analysis, to be effective, must look beyond current practices and consider how to expand and extend activity to achieve greater results. For that to happen, the third step in the process is critical.


By definition, insight is the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of something so that knowledge is not just the obvious but includes the concealed or unrevealed facts and information that many will miss. Insight is what drives unique advantage, while knowledge simply drives the status quo. Insight is what Unique Advantage MUST provide to achieve the identified purpose or no sustainable advantage will result.


Insight can be a double edged sword cutting outwards to identify opportunities for advantage but also cutting inwards to threaten existing mind-sets and structures. The not-invented-here syndrome is an all too common way of killing a great idea. Consequently it is imperative, before any actions are taken as a result of the insight, to ensure real and lasting buy-in to the insights and associated actions from all affected parties. Alignment involves risk analysis and strategies to alleviate and mitigate risks so that advantage is achieved.


Once alignment has been achieved, identified actions can be confidently undertaken to the benefit of the enterprise.

Use of our process steps at Unique Advantage enables us to achieve one of our internal goals – to ensure that all of our assignments more than pay for themselves.