Project Type: Website Development

This type of assignment involves the specification, design and development of a website for a client. It also includes the specification, design and development of Unique Advantage’s own website using WordPress.

Design and Development of the Unique Advantage Website

The company decided to design and develop its own website partly because we knew what we wanted but also because we wanted the project to be finished by a specific date. That date is the date on which we wanted to launch the blog. The site was completed using WordPress. The decisions that were made during the design phase were:

  • The theme to be used would be Customizr
  • The site would contain both static pages and a blog
  • The Home page would be one of the static pages
  • The pages that were included in the initial design were Home, About Us, What We Do, Services, Track Record, Work Done, News, Blog and Contact Us.
  • All pages would include a slider and other media as appropriate.

The site was substantially completed between May 25, 2015 and June 12, 2015 although it will be improved over time.

The official launch date will be determined by other activities that must be complete before go-live.