What We Do



Unique Advantage currently engages in assignments geared to improve our clients’ business success by searching for areas of opportunity that provide competitive advantage.

This competitive advantage must address challenges and provide value that exceeds the cost of our services.

Customer challenges we can help to solve:

  • Revenue growth not keeping pace with growing costs (increases/inflation)
    • Caught in a price war with competitors (Last minute discounting to grow sales a regular occurrence)
    • Lagging in market share (behind fair share / behind strategic targets)
    • Not converting as much business as we should relative to enquiries
  • Unaligned sales, marketing, revenue and operations (cost) management strategies
  • Too much time spent managing pricing, inventory and distribution channels
  • Poor/inadequate market awareness
    • Unsure of which channels to participate in and how
    • Indirect channels are selling cheaper than direct
    • Direct channels not getting desired amount of business (volume and rate)
  • Gut-feel decision making
    • Information is disparate and difficult to use to make decisions
    • Reactive and impulsive decision making (pricing and demand)
    • JIT decisions based on what competition is doing
    • Information not easily accessible when out of the office
    • Large swings in forecasts one forecast period to the next (unpredictable)

Value to customer:

  • Grow revenue – increase revenue/optimize revenue/maximize revenue
    • Incremental increase in revenue – measurements built into service offering
    • Broad-based distribution
    • Maintaining price integrity
    • Optimal flow-through to the bottom line
    • Increased price performance
    • Improved conversion rates in all channels
  • Increase market share
    • Faster than the competition
    • Increase market reach (new markets)
    • Improved conversion rates – need initial baseline to measure
    • Need to measure perceived value of each % improvement
  • Grow market awareness
    • Optimized Marketing Strategy
    • Improved brand awareness in channels – how to measure?
    • Good/improved online rankings = rate premium
    • Improved online metasearch presence
  • Actionable information at your fingertips to make the right decisions
    • Everyone using the same 360º view of information to drive strategies – presented in visual formats that make sense to each area (marketing, sales, operations, finance etc.)
    • Faster decision making and agility – how to measure?
    • Easily accessible information on tablet, mobile or pc
    • What are customers currently paying for, and how are they currently paying for it?
    • How would customers prefer to pay? – Ask the customers and be flexible!

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